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Our story started as a family run company. Now mag* is much bigger but we still like to think about our team this way. We bet on human values both inside the company and when working with our clients. Please take a while to meet our team, the people who create mag*.

Aleksandra Jasińska

mag* family member

Błażej Jasiński

Head of Domestic Sales / Board member

Pola Jasińska

mag* family member

Jerzy Jasiński

Owner / Board member

Grażyna Bertrandt-Jasińska


Mariusz Holz

Chairman of the Board

Michał Kubiak

Owner / Board member

Magdalena Wal - Granisz

Head of Export Sales / Board member

Kamila Rudnicka

Logistics Specialist

Maria Safon-Lach

Key Account Manager

Export sales department

Donata Cichocka

Account Manager

Marek Saulauf

Key Account Manager

Joanna Bronowicka

Account Manager

Kinga Rzeźniczak

Domestic sales department manager

Domestic sales department

Now when you know who you are dealing with, please don’t hesitate to:

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