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We make Christmas beautiful.

Welcome to mag*

Own machine park

We own and operate every machine used to manufacture Christmas decorations and much much more.

mag* is the biggest Christmas ornaments manufacturer in Poland. The selection of our fine products consists of items like artificial Christmas trees, spruce products like garlands or wreaths and many other types of Christmas decorations.

Reliability and logistics

We are fast and reliable. We offer a full range of logistic solutions connected to the product. We can store, pack, and send it to the place of destinaton to give You full service.

Experience in agency cooperation

We are experienced in working with biggest design agencies in the world. Contact us to learn about our references.

All we want for Christmas...

Our offer is focused on implementation of our clients projects and ideas. That is achieved by using our catalog products or custom design with the support of our prototype office.

... is You

We hope it works the same the other way!

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